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Upcoming Litters

Each of our pairings is thoughtfully planned with careful consideration given to temperament, structure, appearance, and genetics of the Dam and Sire. Because heat cycles don't always start right on time, the following information about upcoming breedings may change a bit. If one of these pairings interests you, learn more about our puppy adoption process. Here is a link to the puppy reservation form.


Bella & Frankie

Little Creek Frankie

We are very excited about this pairing that brings together two incredible dogs. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, Bella has an exceptional temperament. She is extremely smart, very affectionate, attentive, loyal, and really athletic. She loves to play, and afterwards she is perfectly content curled up in your lap! And Frankie is just as amazing! He is also very smart, affectionate, cuddly, happy, and athletic. Frankie has a stunning wavy coat. Each of these dogs have produced amazing litters in the past and we can't wait to see their puppies. We expect Bella and Frankie to honeymoon in early July, with puppies available for adoption in early November. We are accepting reservations for this litter now!

Mia & Captain Morgan


Captain Morgan

This is an exciting pairing. Our sweet and beautiful Mia has already produced absolutely amazing puppies. She is smart, affectionate, kind, and she has a beautiful chocolate coat. Special thanks to Dana Logan at Moonlit Acres for providing her sweet little stud Captain Morgan for this pairing. Captain Morgan has it all... good looks, brains, and he's super athletic. He is also confident, friendly, and outgoing with an overall amazing personality. We are accepting reservations for this litter now!

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